Gemini Horoscope and Characteristics of Gemini


Gemini, The Twins: 22 May - 22 June

You belong to the third house of the Zodiac circle, Gemini. You are usually quick-witted, curious, entertaining and open-minded. Mercury is your ruling planet. Yellow and orange are your colours. Sagittarius is your opposite sign and you are least compatible with Scorpio and Capricorn. You are most compatible with Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. You are drawn to active people who use their heads, and succeed in charming them with your ready wit, especially if they share your interests. You can be fickle, easily distracted, nervous and mischievous. Despite a reputation of being fickle, once you marry remain committed. Career options best suited for you includes all phases of commerce, entertaining, communications, media, accountancy, persuasive arts, politics, advertising, teaching - elementary and secondary in particular, travel and transportation, visual arts etc…

Other Information about Gemini


  • Birthstone: Tourmaline
  • New age stone: Citrine, Spectrolite
  • Element: Air
  • Anatomy ruled: Hands, arms, nervous system
  • Flower: Lily of the Valley
  • Your Tarot card: VI The Lovers

Good Characteristics

• Adaptable and versatile
• Communicative and witty
• • Intellectual and eloquent
Youthful and lively

Bad Characteristics

• Nervous and tense
• Superficial and inconsistent
• Cunning and inquisitive

Gemini Qualities and Characteristics

Gemini signifies the dual edged nature that you possess. You have a great mind that does a lot more than calculate and judge. You are inquisitive and new and unique ideas come to you quite naturally, and these do not lack any of the style and elegance.

Your twin edge makes you are quite determined and stationary but capricious from time to time, you are sincere in your relationship with your sweetheart but at the same time have a tendency to flirt with other women. So, you are quite swift and take command over the situation in no time, but its difficult for you to stay on top, or maintain the lead. You also have a tendency to reach out to people; this is why you cannot live without communicating.

You are quite astute and opportunistic and don’t miss a chance to make fast money. Corresponding to this, you also spend with quite ease. You are quite smart and funny and this attracts people to you all the more, but you need to be more objective and focused towards your goal. You seem to be quite susceptible to changes in your mood, and this will only lead to greater loss of the sense of purpose. Try to gain control of yourself.

Qualities that make you lucky are wittiness, brilliancy, cheery, and gay. Qualities that hinder your success are messy, happy-go-lucky, cruelty, and incompatible.

Johnny Depp, Steffi Graf, Elizabeth Hurley, Anna Kournikova, Prince William; We know them as famous people with sun in Gemini.

Gemini Personality

For all the people you see in your workplace, pegging along at a slow pace, working on things that are too linear to test any kind of ability or intelligence of any person and taking care of the same mundane tasks every single day with the sole objective of making a living, there is one thing you can be pretty damn sure of – they are definitely not Geminians.

Of all the great tragedies and maladies of the world, nothing terrorizes the Geminian more than boredom. They are, since birth, used to multitasking. They just can’t go about life one issue at a time. Parents might find this amusing, but they should nonetheless try not to encourage it. Doing too many things at once from a young age spoils their sense of style and brings about a trait that is most common in Geminians – superficiality. For them, after a point, all that looks good is good enough. They become a jack of all trades and start concentrating only on the packaging. In some professions such as ones relating to media, however, that is exactly what you need from a person – a little knowledge of almost everything, but not too much. So its not such a bad thing after all. In the workplace, it is important that they have as many projects as they can, so that they may work on whichever they have the mood to work on at that moment.

Alas, this multitasking capability is too innate to your nature – you start exhibiting this characteristic even in your love life. That does not bring a lot of happiness for your partner. This does not always raise issues relating to guilt, although normally it should (otherwise one should think something’s wrong). In such tricky situations, what helps the Geminian more than anything else is his/her great ability to talk his/her way out.

On a professional and even personal level, the characteristic of a Geminian is vigor. He/she happens to be restless and energetic to the extreme – that’s what gives him/her the resources for all that multitasking. But this can take a toll on the person. The Geminian can never completely let go of things and relax, and this will be the cause of mental troubles.

Gemini Friendship Compatibility

Gemini definitely have the most diverse group of friends of all the sun signs. Gemini make friends from all age groups, all places and cultures, and all walks of life. You need the variety so that you can be able to be with the right kind of people according to the mood. You are a natural sceptic, but still you take people for what they are; which means you generally see people in good light. As a result, it is not very hard to call someone your friend. Your doors are always open – it’s not really hard for you to make a friend; neither is it hard for the other person to be called your friend and have your confidence. But, as is the problem with such groups, there is hardly one who can be depended on and called for help when you need it.

You are enthusiastic about your hobbies and almost anything you do, and this spreads on to your circle of friends. This in turn encourages you to pursue your endeavors more vigorously. This is exactly what empowers you to relentless make efforts on projects and see deals through to their completion. Having intelligent and informed peers in that group helps you a lot. How? You normally like to make sweeping statements to entertain your audience, but a smart person with a good presence of mind can question you and pose a challange for you. You will not get away that easily with those thought-provoking comments now because someone is really provoked. Thus, your skills and quality of conversation will improve greatly.

You will enjoy the company of the young and youthful more, as they share your vigor and enthusiasm, and radical outlook. However, you do not mind an interesting conversation even if it comes from the older friends of yours. You will need to do a little rethinking once in a while about the extent to which you can give liberty to these friends of yours.

Gemini in Love and Romance

In keeping with Gemini extrovert side, if you think you have fallen in love with someone, you will not waste a second in telling that person that you love him/her. If you are a little too romantic, you might keep beating round the bush, making all kinds of arrangements, and finally screwing up the end game. This is because romanticism and the normal Geminian extrovert and confident nature do not go hand in hand. Otherwise, normally, you have the gift of the gab, as they say. So, you can actually say it even while not saying it; that is, by making up stories and beautifying the conversation, you will put your point across without any shadow of doubt. But when it’s the partner talking and expressing himself/herself, you might tend to get a little restless. It’s natural to you, but definitely not excuse. No matter how impatient you get, no matter how much you may think the other person is wasting time and not coming to the point, you should not interrrupt and neither should you engage in other activities. This might terribly irritate you partner, as this might be one of the most important moments of his/her life.

Coming to the sex life, you need to satisfy your need for change and variety. A little experimentation and a few surprises will not go out of the way, but for that, you will have to talk to your partner, and make sure he/she is cool with it. Now the comes the issue of wanting more than one companions. The thing is that Geminians want the most of everything, so that it is hard for them to imagine all of them to come from one person. They have physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs, and for each of them, they might have a different partner. So they have different partners for different needs, they do not prefer one over the other, or love one more than the other. But that is no consolation for the partner. What they need to do is to be more careful about compatibility in all the four departments with the other person before moving forward with the relationship, and then training themselves to fulfil all their needs from the same person. Unfortunately for them, their natural tendencies are looked upon as cheating by the society.

Gemini in Marriage

Things have got to be really messed up in order that you may panic and want to find escape from a marriage; because that’s how good you really are at making relationships work. And it’s not just one or two talents, your whole personality is made for it. You are good at forming a rapport with the other person, and making him/her tell his/her feelings without any kind of fear or shyness. They can sort out almost any issue just by talking with the partner. And this is also because of their impeccable level of understanding. The can without difficulty relate someone else’s point of view with their own. The only problem is that sometimes all they need to do is listen, but instead they listen out, make their own argument and present it in such a way that the other person is completely made to change his/her stand.

You are naturally enthusiastic about stuff and have the knack of taking things on a light note. This is what makes you look a lot younger and energetic than you really are and makes you very popular among individuals of the other sex. This ability of yours of making every moment of your companion a very enjoyable and memorable one takes you places and allows you to have experiences that you never thought possible.

So you will do a lot with your life. But sometimes it’s necessary to just cool down and enjoy the quieter moments of life, when there is nothing much happening to fulfil your spirit, but there is still juice in the moment which can be absorbed only if you are ready to accept the occasion for what it is. The point I’m trying to make is that you are like a tourist all the time willing to go new places, meet new people and know new things just for the excitement, but what you are missing is the real feel associated with being in that place, and being with those people. Sacrificing emotional and spiritual moments for physical and intellectual satisfaction is not prudent according to me. Another important thing to remember is that Geminians stand for equality in a marriage at all levels, so they might not always be happy with their role – they might wanna swap portfolios with their partners. And there’s nothing wrong with it; if nothing else, it will just bring a change in life and make one understand the other more.

Gemini Career and Money

Geminians possess a level of genius generally not witnessed in people, but in quite many ways, it creates problems for people they work with. They find it difficult to run on the much trodden path, and on many an occasion want to find a way of their own. No matter what their colleagues might think or say, I think they should continue with it, because it works excellently well for them. Moving along, Geminians are good at keeping pace with the latest developments of their trade. And it’s not just for the sake of keeping in touch, they enjoy it and learn from it. They like working in some kind of a pattern where they know, more or less, what they will be dealing with the next day, and be prepared for it. But they definitely can’t bare a mundane job where there is no skill or dexterity involved and an employee has to do the same thing in the same way day in and day out. However, even in such cases, they will try to find out new ways, introduce new concepts and throw new light on tasks that people would find too routine and boring to even think about. If not anything else, they will try to lighten the atmosphere with some kind of comic act. Geminians are definitely good at amusing seniors and coworkers.

All of the observations I have made, actually, boil down to one need that all Geminians possess – the need to communicate with people. In the professional sphere, it might translate to interacting with people they work with and trying to find out their needs and issues, meeting superiors, discuss philosophies and methodologies of working in the organization and suggesting new ideas, and if possible talking to the people who benefit from their work and taking appreciation and criticism for their output. They can’t just do something they are told to do, give the output and then just forget about it; they are too attached to their work to be that cold.

In the long run, Geminians can only sustain a job in which they have sufficient freedom to exercise their ingenuity, and be able to do things their way without any restrictions. They want to be known as skilled craftsmen in their profession, and take pride in the different approach they have towards tasks. They might survive a long while in an unsatisfying job, but it’s not good for their emotional and intellectual fulfillment.

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