Virgo Horoscope and Characteristics of Virgo


Virgo, The Maiden: 23 August - 22 September

You belong to the sixth house of the Zodiac circle, Virgo. You are usually organized, thorough, humane and thoughtful. Earth is your ruling planet. Navy blue, taupe are you colours. Pisces is your opposite sign. You are least compatible with Aries and Aquarius and most compatible with Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. You can be critical, particular, irritable and untidy. You admire progressive intelligent people who look like they have their path through life well plotted. You are good at sizing up people. Your search for perfection can make you dissatisfied. You can perform well in the fields of animal care and breeding, medical practice and research including paramedics and therapy, educational institutes, inspection, health and safety, improvement schemes, manual trades and crafts, research and laboratory work, service arts and trades, etc...

Other Information about Virgo


  • Birthstone: Sapphire
  • New age stone: Peridot, Amazonite
  • Element: Earth
  • Anatomy ruled: Abdomen, Intestines
  • Flower: Pancy
  • Your Tarot card: IX The Hermit

Good Characteristics

• Modest and shy
• Meticulous and reliable
• Practical and diligent
• Intelligent and analytical

Bad Characteristics

• Fussy and a worrier
• Overcritical and harsh
• Perfectionist and conservative

Virgo Qualities and Characteristics

You are thought of as quite shy and introvert, and even quite naive. Your personality and composure is virginal in the sense that you are passive and still don’t let your personality and approach get affected by others. The positives are that you are very organized, meticulous and systematic and don’t like cluttering and irregularity.

You perform your tasks with a machine like planning and accuracy and this might get on others’ nerves. You are very down to earth and are acknowledged for your ability of making people feel comfortable and at home in your company. This is in close association with the fact that you possess an ant-like sincerity and solemnity, and at the same time don’t bother about who gets the credit or the spotlight.

You might also possess that nervousness and apprehension that is quite characteristic to people who work hard and want their results too bad. You are not that reserved against sex but take it in a very pure sense. You fancy yourself for being too wise in terms of managing money and making friends, that is the reason why you tend to be a little stingy and at the same time, a bit too analytical and judgmental of the people around you, even your close friends and family.

Qualities that make you lucky are systematic, rational, communicative, and discriminating. Qualities that hinder your success are unbending, indifference and argumentative.

Virgo Personality

Of all the twelve signs, you will find these Virgo guys the busiest. And here’s the funny part – it’s not that they take up the most responsibility or the toughest job, or that they are so polite that they do all their coworkers’ work. It’s just that they end up the most swamped – might be because they are not that well-organized, or for some other reason, but they just can’t seem to be getting enough time.

Another very important characteristic, probably their most prominent, is their desire to serve people. They can literally become slaves for the ones they love; pleasing them is all they wish to do! In doing so, they can get tricked or let down once in a while, but they do make very good friends.

Virgoans are very versatile and have a great number of talents, but most remarkable of them is their excellent judging and critical capability. They can size up things, form an opinion, and express it in a very diplomatic and constructive way. This is what makes them such good critiques, teachers and diplomats. But they do this with a very honest humility, and just the way they are critical about everything, so also they are critical and judgmental about their own ability and talent. And this is horrible for their future prospects. Their friends should be there to support and encourage them at such moments; after all, that’s what friends are for, aren’t they?

And this attitude is not that great for their relationships either. This tendency continues into the married life even with all the devotion and love and care. They start getting judgmental about the partner’s habits and attitude, and at some point, either the partner gets irritated because of the constant nagging and pointing out, or the Virgo gets irritated with the partner’s habits which is, of course, magnified by his/her critical way of thinking.

This brings out another trait in the Virgos – they seem to worry a lot. So they surely are tender and talented, but they need to mend a thing or two if they wish to make the best of their life and love.

Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Virgo value friendship greatly and are ready to put great amounts of effort – not just to keep their friends happy, but also to be of use to him/her in every possible way. That means Virgo will leave no stone unturned in providing their friends with every single comfort they can ask for, and do every single chore for them, just so they wouldn’t have to stress themselves.

That’s so very sweet of you Virgo, but there is a problem with this. It’s not about being used; you are not so stupid as to be taken for a ride. The thing is that when you are busy making life better for your friend, you miss out on him – the person. People say friendship is all about being there for the other person when he needs you most, but if you have spent absolutely no time with the other person, there is no concept of friend, and with friend there is no friendship. So no doubt you are appreciated by your friends – who does not like to be taken care of?

So the message is simple – don’t think that when it comes to your problems, you can take care of them on your own; involve others in your life just as you involve yourselves in others. Once that is figured out, you have this other trait of making comments. I know you have an excellent sense of humor and most of your comments are absolutely spot on, but to tell you the truth, these critiques don’t have a lot many friends. So try to make your comments more humorous than critical, constructive, and as few as possible.

Other than this, you have the ability to keep your friendship going for long, which is great. Also, it is very important for you to have a lot of really intriguing hobbies, and you are really passionate about them. So you make it easier for your friend to embrace on of them and make headway in it.

Virgo in Love and Romance

Remember we talked about you being talented in a lot many different ways, but playing it down a little too much. This applies to your love life as well.

You have the gift of charming those of the other sex, but you are too modest to think that anyone could take you seriously. That’s why Virgo duck low whenever they have the chance of approaching someone and moving things forward. What you need is a little self-confidence; have some guts, stop waiting around and grab the opportunities that come your way. But don’t overdo it, because what makes you the magnetic the most is that very modesty of yours. So in the words of the Buddha, take the middle path.

But this is not as easy as one might perceive; Virgo have a natural repulsion for emotional or sexual involvement of any kind. You just can’t stop to thinking that the other person might find you unattractive or insufficient. This is not self-loathing; this is something even worse – this is called lack of self-esteem. What you need at this point is some serious soul-searching – try looking at your self from an objective point of view, try talking to a friend who’s close to you, or take the help of a professional counselor. I don’t wish to scare you; this might not happen to all of you. But if it is happening, you need to give it some serious attention – people suffer from this for entire lives without actually managing to cope up with it.

Try your best to fight with your inner demons, and one day you will have that loving relationship you always wanted. And when you do, don’t let it go, no matter what. Experiment with new things and try out new ways of making your life spicy; trust me, your partner will love it.

Virgo in Marriage

Once you Virgos have decided to tie the knot, you will find that those demons of self-consciousness and apprehension are starting to leave you. Even though will not be totally free from them, you will find ways to fight them; and more importantly, you will find a reason to fight them – a reason that is more important to you than any other in life. There will be a sense of security, like you have fought for something and now it’s yours.

Now this does not settle things, there is a lot to be done. It is important for you Virgos to relax and get comfortable with the everyday life after getting married. An important issue here is your constant fussing and worrying about things that are not such a big deal. You might get tensed about not having prepared a certain dish as well as you might have liked to, or getting a better couch for the drawing room. Now what happens is that this constant fretting does not make your life any better, but bothers your partner. Obviously, he/she would like you a lot more if you were relaxed and all your attention were on them. So when he/she accuses of being hung up on material objects and not giving them due attention, the allegation is not totally baseless.

Virgos make great parents, arousing their child’s curiosity in all kinds of stuff and encouraging them to take part in activities that are not part of their curriculum but great learning experiences. So no issues on that front, other than the fact that you sometimes need to curb that tendency to criticize their honest efforts. They need encouragement and appreciation just as much as constructive criticism and discipline – too much of one may stunt the growth of their personality. So don’t be as cold as you are while handing worldly issues, they deserve a lot more from you.

Overall, Virgos are really relentless in their efforts at making the home a better place for the partner. In doing so, they might work too hard – the husband at excelling in his career so that he can provide more, and the wife at keeping the house proper and everything in place so that the family has a comfortable place to live in. So you need to relax and sit down to enjoy what you worked so hard to achieve.

Virgo Career and Money

The first thing one would notice in Virgos, career-wise, is their great love for outdoor activities. There might be the odd ones working in closed, congested cubicles and slogging days and nights to make it to the top of the ladder. But most of them would give anything to have a career in a field such as farming, fishing or surveying. They also like to nurture things and see them growing – that can explain their great affinity for agriculture.

Also as I have pointed out on amply, they have a tremendous urge to serve others and take care of them. That is why I would say the best profession for them could only be in the field of medicine, or teaching, or the like. Probably nothing can satisfy you more than helping a patient recover from an illness and reducing his pain. Teaching, again, involves taking care of raw talents, nurturing them and seeing them grow into matured, capable individuals.

Other than this, you have an immense need to communicate. So the career of a critique or a journalist can also be very rewarding. The way you look at things, and the unique way in which you are able to present them will be your main plus points. Virgos also have a variety of natural talents which they bring literally from their mother’s womb. So if you have a strong enough impulse, I would even recommend a career in art for you.

There are however a few weak points – Virgos are not born leaders. So early on in their career, no matter how strong you might be in it, if you are given a huge responsibility, you might fumble and spoil the task, and lose what little confidence you have. You are just not comfortable with stations of power, or the spotlight. So you should not take up positions just for the money and status that come with them – there might be other more enticing opportunities for you.

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