Libra Horoscope and Characteristics of Libra


Libra, The Scales: 23 September - 22 October

You belong to the seventh house of the Zodiac circle, Libra. You are usually artistic, poised, objective and charming. Venus is your ruling planet. Your lucky colours are blue and pink. Aries is your opposite sign and you are least compatible with Pisces and Taurus. You are most compatible with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. You can be indecisive, thoughtless, self-absorbed and flirtatious. Your symbol, the Scales, represents the balance and harmony you seek within yourself and with the rest of the world. Your ability to be objective means you can get along with most people. You rarely surrender yourself completely to another but are an expert in love matters, with considerable passion and care for the loved one. The career options best suited for you include indirect selling, communication arts, diplomacy, Hospitality and leisure industries, Hotel and resort management etc…

Other Information about Libra


  • Birthstone: Opal
  • New age stone: Tourmaline, Kunzite
  • Element: Air
  • Anatomy ruled: Kidneys, Lower back, Appendix
  • Flower: Rose
  • Your Tarot card: XI Justice

Good Characteristics

• Diplomatic and urbane
• Romantic and charming
• Easygoing and sociable
• Idealistic and peaceable

Bad Characteristics

• Indecisive and changeable
• Gullible and easily influenced
• Flirtatious and self-indulgent

Libra Qualities and Characteristics

You, being a Libran, have a characteristic balance in your personality, work and also strive for this equality and harmony in your personal and professional equations. You tend to compare and analyze to make the choice in almost every sort of situation. This also shows that you are apt for giving justice, whatever that might mean to you. These are the symbolic attributes; other than these, you have many other qualities that are not as highlighted.

You are intelligent and your strife and tussle is in the inner direction; you challenge yourself and try to achieve whatever you want, so any intellectual feet is expected more from you than from anyone else. But the balancing and comparing attitude of yours keeps you aloof from Quality Company; you might lose even the few friends you make in due course. You can be quite influential and tactful in your interactions with people but at the same time indecisive and yielding.

You don’t possess the power to say ‘no’ and this may lead to some pretty unnerving and awkward situations for you. You are good too many things and find it difficult to stick to one and do it for a long time. You would prefer a job where you are in contact with people rather than a desk job, and even at that you are quite easygoing and don’t want to sweat out.
Qualities that make you lucky are charismatic, intellectual, awareness, and evenhanded. Qualities that hinder your success are easygoing, insecure, lazy, and self-centered.

Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Silverstone, Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta-Jones; We know them as famous Librans.

Libra Personality

Librans are known most for their laziness. But there is really a lot more to it than meets the eye. Librans actually know how to cool down, and how to relax and just let things go. That’s why, even when they hustle, they seem to have a lot of time for petty things like dressing up and making coffee. They even have time to just lie around and take a time out, with all the work of the world piled up, much to the chagrin of friends. If you look through their eyes, you’d feel people are too impatient to take pleasure in the small things in life.

As you might expect from people with such a bend, Librans are very romantic. They always long for a long-lasting, committing, all-in kind of relationship. And as long as they don’t have it, they will always feel like something is missing within them. So they are definitely marriage material, but this comes with a glitch. Their inherent need for intimacy makes them rush into relationships without even taking the situation into account – in some cases, they are so young that they don’t even understand what a relationship means.

Libran children tend to be good students. They eventually become their teachers’ pet because of their charming and well-mannered demeanor. But as I have already said, they tend to feel incomplete with maturity. This feeling is removed only when they get into a relationship. Librans have an extremely soft and sacrificing nature. This is good in the sense that if the Libran has to give up a better job opportunity for the family, he/she can do so quite easily. But the negative side is that he/she tends to avoid or escape from situations where one needs to be tough. This is the reason why at some point the Libran starts to feel that he/she is being played by his/her kids.

Libra Friendship Compatibility

If you are Libran, you will definitely make a very good friend. You respond to others’ suggestions with a great amount of enthusiasm. But when it comes to taking decisions about where to go and what to do, you never have say. Even if you oppose your friends, they would surely want you to give an idea once in a while. This lack of involvement is sometimes taken for disinterest, thus creating barriers in your friendship. But don’t think for one moment that all this makes you a loner – you are not! You have a variety of interests that you share with your friends and show great verve and enthusiasm in. You enjoy organizing and taking part in activities with your friends. It’s just that you like to have a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere when with friends.

An issue with your style of friendship is that you find it very hard to forgive someone who wrongs you. Once you have broken a friendship, it is very hardfor you to make up  and mend broken roads. It might do you a little good to remember that people are not as demonic as you might them out to be when you are cross with them – they are the same as the ones that you made friends with. What you should also understand is that others do not show their gratitude and respect as emphatically as you do – that’s the way they are. So, at some level, you are not as reasonable as you might wanna be. So give that little smile or nod after a quarrel to tell the other person that everything is fine.

You are not as involving as others, but a lot more aggressive and energetic in the friendship. So sometimes, for the less cozy kind, the Libran might seem to be a little too forthcoming or overwhelming, just as they might seem too cold and lonely to the Libran. Friendship is all about making allowances for the other person and learning not to force the friend to make allowances. You know that better than anyone.

Libra in Love and Romance

Libra are terribly in love with love – that’s the best way of putting it. Libra at any point in their adult life, are either in love with someone, or chasing the someone’s love. The L-word means so much to you that you just can’t stay put without it. So when you are in love, you are genuinely in love. The partner has all your warmth, care and affection. The only allegation against you is that you fall in love too easily. You are so much in love with love itself that you hardly watch who you are falling in love with. And that’s not a petty problem by any measure! Your very longing for a permanent relationship might turn out to be the reason for your inability to have one.

As alarming or sacrilegeous as it may sound, in relationships, you always need to step out of yourself and think about your relationship impartially – whether the two of you are fit for each character-wise, whether you see yourself with him/her ten years from now, whether you feel you and your partner can sustain such a relationship.

The magic of first love works on everyone, but the young Libran is probably the softest victim. He/she might be gullible enough to think about marriage without even knowing the other person completely. Now all this can be learnt only through practice and experience. So if you have been in and out of too many relationships, don’t fret. This will only make you stronger and more understanding, and thus better equipped for future relationships.

Sexually, you enjoy your relationships quite a lot, but in a rather different way. For you to be at your best, you need a relaxed atmosphere, void of stress. You enjoy the quiter and more mellow part of the act, and you might not get what you want that often, even after marriage. So try and learn how not to disappoint your partner in that front.

Libra in Marriage

Being a Libran, you will feel complete and more with yourself only after getting into a relationship. So a marriage will do wonders on you. You might even say the Libran balance is achieved after the marriage. But the balance is again the very issue with the Libran. You tend to think too much in tems of the couple. All the decisions you take has this flavor, which is good in quite many ways.

But for quite a lot many reasons, you need to maintain your individuality. It is too easy for you to give in to your partner’s opinion, sacrifice opportunities and careers and make all sorts of amends in your life for the partnership. At some point, it is important to you how the world looks at you as a single person, and the picture is not a very normal one for them. Not only that, in case the relationship does not work out, you will be the one to point out that you gave up everything to make it work, even though you didn’t need to. I know you feel this is a very selfish way of thought, but it’s not! After a certain extent, it is not prudent to jeopardize your career and your individuality for any relationship – that’s the hard truth.

Marriage is like two trees across a road – both of them have to bend in order to meet. You’d obviously want the partner to act in a peace at all cost kind of way, but that does not quite happen. Instead of putting your demands in a strong enough way, you tend to tell yourself that the demands are too unreasonable to be accepted and lay low. I am not telling you to fight, all I’m saying is that you have the experience and intelligence to decide what is good for the two of you just as much as the partner. As for children, you need to know how to discipline them. They can take you for a ride, and you will solely be responsible for that. These are things you need to work on.

Libra Career and Money

As such, there is no walk of life that a Libran can’t make headway in, but some are naturally more suited than others. One of the most important things that matter is the work atmosphere. As we have discussed, Librans thrive in a relaxed and stress free atmosphere. If he/she is made to work in a cluttered, noisy kind of workspace, he/she might be successful, but not especially happy. Over many years, this might lead to a breakdown.

Other than this, in a lower position, the person has good company and not so much of a responsibility; so he/she can work happily. But when taking up the top post, one must understand that tension and stress are bound to plague him/her. So, Librans making to the top spot need trustworthy and faithful assistants. Decision making does not come naturally to them, so they need all the information and technical support they can get to make up for it. You see, this is why Librans make such good architects – they like to share their responsibility with others, and work in tandem with colleagues whom they can trust and rely on for advice and help.

Also, with files piling up on desks every day and deadlines that have to be met at any cost, the Libran is bound to feel suffocated. In such cases, one of two things may happen – they will either break down, give up and find a different way of life to sustain themselves, or if they are the stronger kind, they will learn fast, catch up with the speed of work, and bring balance to themselves and to others working with them.

Librans also have the great quality of giving importance to others and listening to them. So, they can make great progress in the personnel or human resource department of a firm. Other than that, this trait also brings with it an exceptional skill at diplomacy. So professions of this kind are meant especially for Librans.

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