Replenishment & Fulfillment

Replenishment & Fulfillment

To increase the market share and profit margins, all you have to do is to keep the right inventory level, in the right distribution centers and warehouses and at the right time when the items are needed.

To produce the optimal amount of products and come up with the most cost-effective replenishment plan, the customer’s demand stream and market changes have to be monitored continuously and the least error-prone methodologies have to be chosen to convey the analysis. Not only properly investigating the demand and market changes but also optimizing the right transportation plans and schedules will contribute the overall performance of the supply chain.

Replenishment and fulfilment requires a holistic approach in supply chain management. The practitioners of the supply chain management have to consider from procurement to delivery. That is while raw materials are being ordered lead times, reorder points, cycle times, and safety stock have to be determined appropriately. Then inventory deployment must be done efficiently. Transportation planning is another key aspect because the customers have to be served during their available time windows.

SOLVOYO considers supply chain from end-to-end and carefully takes care of the sub-processes in the entire supply chain. Initially the demand forecast generator determines the best forecast which fits the past sales data as closely as possible under some error metrics such as Least Square Error. Then the optimal production amounts are calculated based on the forecast. Finally a cost-efficient transportation plan is produced.

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