Transportation Planning & Optimization

Transportation Planning & Optimization

Every companies, retailers, and manufacturers’ basic goal is to reduce the costs as much as possible. One of the basic cost components in an entire supply chain is the transportation costs. Transportation planning requires determining the routes to deliver the products to the customers. By determining the optimal routes, the fleet utilization, transportation modes are also considered.

Transportation planning is an inherently difficult task as it induces one of the difficult optimization problems in the literature, namely traveling salesman problem. These problems are known to be NP-complete. The time required to solve NP-complete problems using any currently known algorithm increases very quickly as the size of the problem grows.

Transportation planning is mainly concerned with the transformation of replenishment, procurement and order fulfillment plans into optimized route. It does not only determine to sequences of the customers to visit, it only determines by which transportation modes these customers are visited and in which order in such a way that a cost-optimized global plan is produced.

SOLVOYO offers a cost effective solution that helps customers to manage their transportation plans. SOLVOYO’s PlanLM is very sophisticated software that considers the availability of fleet, the schedule times and the transportation modes in finding the optimal routes for its customers. The software offers a continuous updating flexibility. The plans can be updated automatically as the real time data change.

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