Allocation & Supply Planning

Allocation & Supply Planning

In today’s global economy, most manufacturing and production companies and enterprises are formed as networks of organizations that orchestrate manufacturing, operations, logistics, and transportation, raw material procurements and distribution. The complexity of these networks varies with respect to the material being manufactured. The simplest network is comprised of a single site in which manufacturing and distribution are performed by the same party whereas in more complex networks such as those required to manufacture automobiles, main frame computers or smart phones may span multiple sites which possibly scattered around the world. Supply chain planning is the process of understanding the interrelations between the sites in these networks and managing inventory, distribution and manufacturing.

A supply chain basically consists of suppliers, inventory, plant, distribution center and customers. Supply chain managers and experts concentrate on improving the efficiency of material flow through these key elements. Managing a supply chain is fundamentally different from managing one site.  In a supply chain one has to monitor constantly the inventory stockpiles at various sites. The incoming materials and finished goods may have complex interrelationships hence managing supply chain may be very difficult.

The main difficulties faced in supply chain management are the lack of supply chain metrics, inadequate definition of customer service, inaccurate delivery status data, and inefficient information systems, ignoring the impact of uncertainties, poor coordination, incomplete shipment methods analysis and a bunch of similar factors. Ignoring the potential effects of these difficulties may result in from major profit losses to bankruptcy.  However, managing these difficulties require a sophisticated team that became expert in supply chain management.

SOLVOYO is the supply chain management base where unique talents are gathered around.  SOLVOYO provides service for those enterprises that require understanding the optimum production level for the forthcoming periods, inventory levels, logistics, routing and scheduling.  The main product PlanLM of SOLVOYO is intelligently designed to overcome the problems in an end-to-end supply chain. The tool is flexible and robust enough to redesigned for the customers’ specific needs. Basically PlanLM is general-purpose software that may be quickly modified for the needs of each customer.

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