How to correctly optimize your SSD for windows 10

How to correctly optimize your SSD for windows 10

So here are the steps for optimizing your SSD for windows 10:

1. Enable AHCI in the BIOS before installing windows.

2. Install windows 7.

Thats it, thats all you need to do!

How to optimize your SSD for windows operating systems?

1. Enable AHCI in BIOS.

2. Install Windows 10 and disable activate once connected to the Internet before installing. I disable auto-activation because a lot of my hardware and peripherals have to be installed following the main OS install. Also, I install Daemon tools to get a virtual drive. I've had both of these types of things trigger a reactivation in Windows, so I wait until all system drivers are installed and virtual drives are up and running before activating now.

3. If you have an Intel Chipset, install the latest chipset drivers as they do pass trim commands to the SSD. If you have a non-Intel chipset, leave it alone I suppose.

4. Use diskpart to make sure the SSD is aligned correctly (if you do a fresh Win10 install, it should be fine, but it takes 2 seconds to check so why not do it) following a successful install.

5. Disable system restore (you would do this even if you weren't using a SSD, as I agree, it is completely useless and furthermore is a resource hog).

6. Set your pagefile to be static (i.e. min and max size are the same) so Windows doesn't have to enlarge and reduce the size of it (this causes unnecessary wear and tear on the SSD too) when you're running a program which actually uses it. Pagefile should be 1-2x the amount of RAM present in the system. I have 12GB of RAM and have a static 12GB pagefile on my system FWIW.

7. Install all the other system device drivers, verify everything is working correctly, and then activate your copy of Windows.

8. Make an image of your system using Windows Backup, Acronis (I suppose you'll have to install 3rd party backup software before step 8 in my guide, so we'll call this step 7.1) :), etc once Windows has been successfully activated.

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