Interesting Facts About the Rottweiler

Interesting Facts About the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is one of the easiest dog breeds to recognize, known for its black-and-tan coat and its muscular build. These dogs sometimes get a bad rap but if you actually take the time to learn something about them you will find that there is more than meets the eye! Keep reading to learn some interesting facts about the Rottweiler breed.

1. Rottweilers are an ancient breed.The exact origins of the Rottweiler breed are unknown but they are thought to have descended from the dogs that traveled to Europe with the ancient Roman army. The dogs from which the modern Rottweiler descended were of the mastiff type, however, so they probably only bore a slight resemblance to the Rottweiler as it is known today.

2. The traditional Rottweiler color wasn’t always black and tan. The first breed standard for the modern Rottweiler was published in 1921. Prior to that, however, there were no exact standards. In fact, it was perfectly acceptable for Rottweilers to have different colorations with red or grey undercoats, sometimes even a solid red coat or a tiger-striped pattern.

3. Rottweilers take longer than most breeds to mature. The Rottweiler is a very large breed, growing up to 135 pounds at maturity. This being the case, it takes Rottweiler puppies much longer to reach their adult size (and their adult temperament) than many smaller breeds. Even well into adulthood, however, Rottweiler’s still retain some of their puppy-like energy and curiosity.

4. Some Rottweilers develop a tendency to "talk" to their owners. While many dogs bark or whine to communicate with their owners, the Rottweiler has its own unique form of communication. These dogs create a low, grumbling sound similar to a growl that sounds a little bit like a cat purring!

5. Despite their short coat, Rottweilers are heavy shedders. When you look at the Rottweiler you will notice that its coat is fairly short. What you may not be able to tell just from looking at it, however, is that the coat is also very thick. Rottweilers have double coats which adds up to a lot of hair! They need plenty of daily brushing and regular grooming to keep shedding under control.

6. Rottweilers are a hard-working and versatile breed. While the Rottweiler is probably best known for its use as a guard dog or watch dog, it is actually a very talented breed. Rottweilers love having a job to do and they do well as working breeds (especially as therapy dogs) and they excel in various dog sports including tracking, obedience, and carting.

7. The Rottweiler has a tendency to “lean” on people. If you become a Rottweiler owner you may notice that your Rottweiler has a tendency to lean against you and against other people. This habit can be traced back to the breed’s history as a cattle drover – the dogs would lean against the cattle to encourage them to move in a certain direction.

Hopefully by now you have learned a little bit more about the Rottweiler breed and perhaps you can see why this breed is so special. You won’t truly understand the breed, however, until you get one for yourself and see just how amazing these dogs can be.

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